General Education Classes

About General Education Courses


General Education classes are the core courses that all students at UofL have to take. They are comprised of English, Math, Oral Communication (public speaking), Natural Science, Humanities, Arts, Social and Behavioral, and Cultural Diversity.  You can view the categories in the General Education Checklist (Docx), and the courses themselves in the schedule of courses (Gen Ed Menu).

Each time you take a General Education course we write it into your checklist during your advising appointment so we can keep track of what you have completed.

A / You may also review the provost's explanation of General Education Categories. To see a complete list of all General Education courses you can select the link that says "current course list".

B / You may also find general education courses under the "GEN ED" menu in the online schedule of courses.  This menu will tell you the times and dates of classes offered this semester as well.

There is a difference between the online schedule of courses and the online catalog.

You should use the schedule of courses when you are choosing your classes.

  • The online catalog is a listing of policies and procedures as well as curriculum for different majors.