Major Programs / Flight Plan

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Flight Plan (Majors)

Flight Plan is a new initiative designed to help students finish their degree within the time frame they choose.  There are examples of four year flight plans (major programs) available on the Flight Plan website.
The example flight plans are chronological listings of courses you may need for each major.  It is intended to give you an idea of what the major program looks like in a semester format. You are not expected to take the exact same combination of classes each semester - since course availability will vary.

You can view a tutorial on how to enter your own 4 year plan into the plan tab in Ulink here.

Undergraduate Catalog (Majors)

The catalog lists all of the courses/class requirements for each major.  It also lists policies and procedures for the University.  Please click the (green) button to download the document.  The index listing the major programs can be found in the first 15 pages.  If you click on the title of the major it will bring you to a list of major requirements.  This listing of courses is by category: general education, programmatic, supporting, requirements within the major, and electives.

Create an Academic Plan

The graduation checklist tells you what steps to take from freshmen to senior year.  It will let you know when to apply for your major, find student jobs, and apply for preliminary degree checks and graduation.  You can also enter all 4 years of your courses into the plan tab in Ulink (tutorial).

You can use the Undergraduate Catalog and the Flight Plan examples to determine which classes you will need to take.

General Education Courses and Liberal Arts Education

You can locate the current general education offerings for this semester via the bottom gen ed drop down menu on the schedule of courses. Each topic in the drop down menu correlates to a general education category.  There is a new page explaining general education courses on the provost's website as well.

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Registration Dates

Please look up the date on which you are able to register for classes here. The registration rotation is by semester and is sorted by class and by the first letter of your last name.  Registration for Fall often begins in April, and Spring registration often begins in November.  You can check to see if you need to be advised by checking the holds link in Ulink (to see if you have an advising registration hold).  This link is usually under the student services tab in the middle column.  You can view types of holds here.

You can find your Faculty or Departmental Advisor here, and your Academic Advisor here.

Online Schedule of Courses (Course Schedule)

The course schedule lists the times and dates that individual classes will be available each semester.  If you click on the title of the course you can see a description of the class as well as any prerequisites required.

The 3 Divisions of Arts & Sciences

You can find out what your programmatic and supporting courses should consist of by checking out the 3 divisions.

Free Tutoring and Assistance

UofL offers free tutoring and exam reviews from the REACH center, and free tutoring from the Writing center.

Career Center

If you need help choosing a major, refining your resume, or finding a job - please see the career center in Houchens bldg.

Departmental websites

Departmental websites also have additional information on programs such as FAQ pages.

WR courses are upper level writing requirements

Most Arts & Sciences degrees require that students take at least 2 WR classes to fulfill their degree requirements.  The WR classes are usually incorporated into other aspects of the degree.  For example: an English major would take English 300 WR, and it would count towards both the WR requirements and the Major requirements.


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