Currently Enrolled in Gen 101

Currently Enrolled GEN 101 Students

Are you currently enrolled in GEN 101?

Here are some resources to help you explore your University experience.

Please navigate to your GEN 101 Blackboard shell -  and download and print out the syllabus for the class.

The syllabus will let you know what your assignments are, and when they are due.


The main assignment is the Four Year Plan (some sections may offer a two year plan assignment).  You may view examples (called flight plans) here.

Links to resources you can use for the assignment are on the Academic Planning and Assistance page.

You should also use the online catalog to see what classes your degree requires.

If you want to check to see what prerequisites your classes have please check the schedule of courses.


Diversity Events

You can ask your teacher about extra credit diversity events to attend from the Office of Diversity.


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