Freshman Orientation

Freshman Orientation

Do you remember your first-year orientation? Going through registration for the first time? Feeling confused? The transition process from high school to college can often be overwhelming. The College of Arts and Sciences Advising Staffs goal is to make this a smooth, fun, and informative transition for all incoming freshman. The advising staff is made up of 8 professional advisors and 10 peer advisors. The Peer Advisors are upperclassmen that can share experiences, lend some insight and be of great assistance to new incoming students.

Advising during orientation

Orientation Advising Checklist

Things to do before Orientation


Things to remember for Orientation

  • Bring a calculator for the first day of Orientation. You may need to take a math exam.
  • Make sure to inform your advisors if you have any form of test credit (AP, CLEP, IB etc.)
  • Let advisors know if you are an athlete (this helps in working with practice schedules).
  • Inform advisors of what your work schedule will be (especially if you are working for UPS).