Admission to Major / Minor

In order to be admitted to your major or minor, you must meet the mandatory pre-requisites. Requirements varysome majors require you to have a minimum GPA to apply, or list courses you must pass before being admitted. Many of our majors do not have specific admission requirements, so we encourage you to apply for them as soon as you have chosen them!

Please check to see if you meet the requirements for your major or minor before applying.

View requirements for admission to major

Before you apply you should check to see if your A&S major has admission requirements. These are often classes or GPA requirements that you have to complete before you can be admitted to your major. Please do not apply until you have met the necessary requirements.

View requirements for admission to minor or certificate

View the admission requirements for A&S minors and certificates.

Drop a major or minor

Find your departmental advisor

Once you are admitted to your major, you should make contact with your departmental or faculty advisor/mentor. You will remain assigned to your professional advisor here in A&S, as well, as you will continue to have a team of support invested in your success that you may access at any time.

Apply for a major in a different unit

Please fill out an Intra University Transfer (IUT) form if you are currently an A&S student who wants to be admitted to another unit (Business, Education, Kent, Music, Nursing, Public Health, or Speed) or if you are currently in another unit and are seeking admission to A&S.