Meet The Professor Series

A monthly lunch and lecture series hosted by the College of Arts and Sciences.

A&S hosts monthly "Meet the Professor" Luncheon Talks at the University Club on UofL's Belknap Campus. The hour-long presentations by A&S faculty are normally held on the first Thursday of the month during the academic year.

Established in Fall 2006 during the A&S Centennial celebration, the "Meet The Professor" Series has included faculty presentations on a broad range of topics representing the depth and breadth of the college. With 24 departments and more than 70 degree programs, A&S encompasses a diverse range of disciplines, and this series showcases the diversity of research and scholarship in the College of Arts and Sciences today.

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    Fall 2014 Schedule


    Exploring an Ancient Mayan Atlantis

    Professors John Hale, Liberal Studies & Robert Forbes


    John Hale, Archaeologist and Director of the Liberal Studies, and Robert Forbes, Director of the Center for Geographic Information Sciences, will talk about their work on ancient Maya ruins in Lake Atitlàn, Guatemala.  Two thousand years ago, Lake Atitlàn was home to a religious center where Maya pilgrims crossed the water in canoes and offered sacrifices on a circular volcanic island.  Eventually, rising lake levels submerged this unique site, but the new maps and research allow us to reconstruct its history for the first time.

    • Thursday, September 4 at 12 noon, University Club


    Math As Art and Art as Math

    Professor Jake Wildstrom, Mathematics


    Jake Wildstrom, Professor of Mathematics, will explore the connection between art and math. Mathematics has served as a tool for representational art and even as a subject of art, featured by visionaries ranging from M.C. Escher to Jorge Luis Borges. Art can also inform the way we view mathematics, with aesthetic considerations or visualizations serving to aid our understanding of mathematical phenomena. Artists, mathematicians, and educators have devoted significant effort to exploring the boundaries between these disciplines, with promising and often beautiful results.


    • Thursday, October 2, 2014 at 12 noon, University Club


    A Francis Effect? The Impact of Pope Francis on the Politics of American Catholicism

    Professor David Buckley, Political Science


    David Buckley, Professor of Political Science and Paul Weber Endowed Chair in Politics, Science and Religion, will examine how Pope Francis has burst onto the international scene with powerful symbolic gestures and media savvy political statements.  But what impact is his leadership likely to have on the political role of Catholicism here in the United States? Dr. Buckley will look at a “Francis Effect” on different slices of American Catholicism, and the likelihood that Francis can play a part in overcoming political divisions within this important segment of the electorate.

    • Thursday, November 6, 2014 at 12 noon, University Club


    What the Garden Said

    Professor Glynis Ridley, English


    Glynis Ridley, Professor and Chair of the Department of English, will give an illustrated talk on 18th century English landscape gardens as political propaganda. Such gardens are among Britain’s premier tourist attractions today yet the fashion for visiting them dates back to the 1700s, when political satire spilled over from print culture into garden design. Dr. Ridley will discuss how to ‘read’ some famous gardens of the period, including those of Stowe, the object of a garden tour made by Thomas Jefferson and John Adams in 1786.

    • Thursday, December 4, 2014 at 12 noon, University Club