A&S Centennial Plaza

Centennial Plaza Aerial Rendering
Centennial Plaza Aerial Rendering

The A&S Hall of Honor was one of the most significant new traditions established during the 2007 A&S Centennial. But a companion project to create a permanent campus memorial will leave an even greater mark on the daily lives of students in our next century.

Plans to create the "Centennial Plaza and Hall of Honor" involve a dramatic and expansive renovation of the courtyard area bounded by the Life Sciences Building and Davidson and Strickler halls just north of the quadrangle at the center of Belknap campus.

The project will transform a highly-traveled yet under-developed area of campus into a vibrant meeting place, rest stop and study area for students and faculty between classes.

Dean Blaine Hudson said, "The plaza area will be a special place where the college can establish new traditions while also recognizing our rich history."

The centerpiece of Centennial Plaza will be a 5-ft. high black granite wall displaying biographical plaques about each Hall of Honor inductee. A 16-ft. wide metallic display on the nearby Life Sciences Building currently holds the Hall of Honor inductee plaques. The red enamel plaques later will be moved to this permanent granite monument after installation.

Initial design work and planning for Centennial Plaza has been conducted, renderings have been drawn, and fundraising is underway. The A&S Development Office is currently soliciting gifts to help fund construction and maintenance of the plaza area. For more information on how you can support the transformation of this underused part of campus into a valuable gathering space for generations of students, please call the A&S Development Office at (502) 852-6588.

Plaza Renderings

Renderings of the plaza project are shown below. Drawings have been provided by Rowland Design Inc., the firm that designed the project.

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Centennial Plaza Design Concept (overhead site plan)
plaza site plan
Plaza Aerial View
plaza aerial view
Plaza - Aerial View #2
plaza aerial view 2
Plaza - view looking north
plaza view looking north
Plaza - view of Hall of Honor granite wall
plaza - hall of honor wall

If you are interested in donating to this project, please contact the Arts and Sciences Development Office at 502-852-6067.

Hall of Honor Inductee Plaques

A&S Hall of Honor Plaque display
A&S Hall of Honor Plaque display

In September 2008, the college mounted the first of a collection of plaques honoring inductees of the A&S Hall of Honor. The plaques are on display in a central campus location, in the central breezeway of the Life Sciences Building, where hundreds of students pass each day. Each plaque recognizes the individual achievements of our Hall of Honor inductees. When the Centennial Plaza is completed, the plaques will be moved to the black granite wall which is currently dubbed the "A&S Wall of Honor."

Click for more information about the inductees including photos.