Ken Hohmann named 2012 A&S Alumni Fellow

As part of this year's Homecoming activities, the UoL Alumni Association paid tribute to one of our most active and committed alumni ambassadors. Ken Hohmann, alumnus and long-time supporter of the Department of Mathematics, was selected as the 2012 A&S Alumni Fellow. Hohmann and the 10 Alumni Fellows of other colleges and schools were honored at the "2012 Alumni Awards Ceremony" held October 18.

Hohmann with trophyKen Hohman received a Bachelor of Arts in 1974 and his Master of Arts in 1976 from UofL’s College of Arts and Sciences. As one of the Mathematic Department’s most devoted and successful alums, and a former graduate teaching assistant in math, Hohman and his wife Sue have provided fellowships for a number of math teaching assistants. 

Beyond his significant contributions to UofL, Hohman has been a leader in the actuarial profession serving as president of two national actuarial organizations, the Conference of Consulting Actuaries and the American Academy of Actuaries. A web search turns up more than 30 pages of links relating to Hohman’s work and career.

In addition, he has been a professional ambassador for actuaries in South Africa, Australia, Europe, Canada, and Mexico. He serves on the board of the International Association of Consulting Actuaries and is active with the International Actuarial Association.

Hohman has served with the UofL Alumni Association board, the A&S Alumni board, and local philanthropic organizations. He and his wife have three children and five grandchildren.

Hohmann JR SW Ferre

President Ramsey, Ken Hohmann, Provost Willinghanz, and Acting Dean John Ferré