Dr. Thomas Maloney

A&S "Meet the Professor" Lunch and Lecture Series

Understanding the Debate on "Intelligent Design"

  • Thursday, December 6, 2007
  • 12 noon, University Club
  • Admission ($13 per person/check or cash) includes lunch.
  • Reservations are required.
  • Please contact Janna Tajibaeva at 852-2247 or janna@louisville.edu


Dr. Thomas Maloney

Thomas Maloney, Professor of Philosophy and U of L Distinguished Teaching Professor, will explore Intelligent Design as a theory that proposes to address the gaps in the evolutionary record.

To give a rational explanation of how the world evolved, the theory claims, one must point not only to necessary natural forces and chance, as did Newton and Darwin, but also to the occasional intervention of a non-natural designer. Evolutionists argue that Intelligent Design is unscientific and should not be taught in schools. Come join the debate!

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