A&S Alumni Fellows Awards

Information on the College of Arts and Sciences Alumni Fellows Award, which recognizes the achievements of prominent and outstanding alumni of the College of Arts and Sciences.

2013 Alumni Fellow

Congratulations to David "Jelly" Helm, the 2013 A&S Alumni Fellow. He will be honored during Homecoming week in October 2013. For details on Homecoming and other activites in A&S, see: A&S Calendar.

Helm runs Studio Jelly, which helps people and companies connect with their purpose and powerfully express it to the world. Clients include Starbucks, Nike, Wikipedia, The University of California, the New York Governor’s Office, Warner Brothers/DC Comics, Health Share, Oregon Humanities and the Portland Timbers.

Prior to opening his studio in 2008, Jelly Helm was Executive Creative Director of Wieden+Kennedy in Portland, Oregon, Group Creative Director at The Martin Agency in Richmond, Virginia, and Creative Director of Wieden+Kennedy Europe in Amsterdam.He was also a founding faculty member at Virginia Commonwealth University Adcenter, adjunct professor at the University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication, and Founder and Director of Wieden+Kennedy 12, W+K’s experimental in-house school.

See also: Mathematics Alumnus Ken Hohmann honored as the 2012 A&S Alumni Fellow

About the Alumni Fellows Award

The University Alumni Fellows Award was established to recognize achievement by the men and women of the university and to stimulate greater activity and interaction among prominent alumni and the university community. The award is a permanent designation given by the Alumni Association and the University of Louisville’s Board of Trustees.

The Fellows Award is given to prominent and outstanding alumni who are leaders in their professional fields. Nominations are accepted from the academic colleges and are then approved by the Alumni Association and the University Board of Trustees.

The annual awards ceremony is traditionally held during Homecoming Week, when Alumni Fellows accept an invitation by the President to return to campus to share their expertise with students, faculty, and administrators.

The award is a cast bronze medallion and a framed certificate which is presented at an awards reception.

For the A&S alumnus/a to be considered:

  1. The nominee shall have distinguished him or herself in their chosen professional field of endeavor.
  2. The nominee shall have made significant contributions to his or her community on a local, state, national or international level.
  3. The nominee shall have demonstrated integrity in his/her personal life and gained the respect of those surrounding him/her.
Mail Nominations to:
A&S Dean’s Office
Alumni Fellows Award Committee
University of Louisville
Louisville, KY 40292

A&S Alumni Fellows 1990-present

  • 1990 Lawrence F. Dahl
  • 1991 Joseph A. Wittreich, Jr.
  • 1992 Sam Gilliam, Jr.
  • 1993 Sue Taylor Grafton
  • 1994 James Baker
  • 1995 Cynthia Jenkins
  • 1996 Sara Combs
  • 1997 Gregory Geoffroy
  • 1998 Michael Harreld
  • 1999 Estella Conwill Majozo
  • 2000 Roderick Scofield
  • 2001 Carl Hausman
  • 2002 Lawrence Hamilton, Jr.
  • 2003 Jerry Dennis
  • 2004 Angelo Corlett
  • 2005 Ed Hamilton
  • 2006 Dale Hopkins
  • 2007 Charles Wheeler
  • 2008 Lucy Helm
  • 2009 Mitzi Friedlander
  • 2010 Monica K. Pearson
  • 2011 Angela M. Ford
  • 2012 Kenneth F. Hohmann