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What is Advancement?

Advancement is a strategic, integrated method of managing relationships to increase understanding and support among our key constituents, including alumni and friends, government policy makers, the media, members of the community and philanthropic entities of all types.

The primary core disciplines of educational advancement are alumni relations, communications, marketing and fundraising. (Definition from case.org)

Why this Site?

This site is intended to be one-stop shopping for all your advancement needs. Review the information below; if you don't find what you need, email us at asadvance@louisville.edu and we we will get back to you with answers.

Who does Advancement?

Advancement-related job functions are found at the departmental level, at the unit level (in the A&S Dean's Office), and/or centrally (the Offices of Advancement and Communications and Marketing and the Alumni Association). Here is a list of some of the more relevant contacts at the 3 levels:

A&S Dean's Office - asadvance@louisville.edu


Alumni Relations

  • Laura Brock, Associate Director of Annual Fund and Alumni Giving (Alumni Association)


    • Patricia White, Director of Development (Humanities and Social Sciences)
    • Kathy Sides, Director of Development (Natural Sciences and Social Sciences)
    • Taylor Davis, Development Associate (for assistance with annual fund)
    • Dillon Miles, Development Associate (for assistance with annual fund)

    Communications/Marketing - 502.852.6171


    • YOU! Please us know who you are and what advancement-related job functions you perform by filling out this web survey.

    How to Advance?

    Here is a process flow chart to help you easily share news and events at the College-level and perhaps beyond! Printable flow chart

    * Questions that will help you determine your audience.  Note: just because it is “open to the public” does not mean it is a public‐friendly event.

    Is my event really a public event?

    • What are my time constraints? Is this a daytime or evening event? Weekday or week‐end?
    • Does the subject matter have a wide audience appeal? Or is discipline‐specific and intended for a narrow network of people?
    • Is the subject topical? Does it relate to events or themes in the news?

    If you determine the event is really geared toward an internal or more academic audience, you will want to consider different avenues for spreading the word.

    • What on campus offices, programs and departments might be interested?
    • Are there community organizations that might be interested?
    • Do the faculty who are involved have networks you can utilize?

    Quick Links and Tips for A&S Advancement

    Use the links below to promote your efforts an share your successes:

    Other UofL Advancement-Related Resources

    A&S Facebook page: facebook.com/UofLArtsSciences
    Twitter @uoflasthinker

    Questions, comments, or suggestions regarding this site? Email asadvance@louisville.edu