Hong Kong Summer Exchange Program

Be part of the academic exchange program established between the University of Louisville and Hong Kong Baptist University to study in one of the most exciting cities in the world.

Program cost: including program fees and accommodation $1,601 (tuition of up to 6 credits is waived) • Personal Expenses: food, books, insurance and other expenses $1,100 (estimated) • Plus airfare for a round trip ight to Hong Kong.

Over 30 courses will be offered in the areas of Business, Communication, Economics, English, Film, Finance, History, Journalism, Marketing, Religion, Science and Sociology • English will be the medium of instruction • Student may take up to 6-credit hours.

To receive the college’s nomination, the successful candidate for this exchange must complete a preliminary application by March 30, 2018. Interested students should immediately contact Professor Ying Kit Chan, phone: 852-0806 or e-mail: chan@louisville.edu.

This Summer Exchange Program is open to University of Louisville students in all majors, with preference given to Fine Arts majors. Students may be eligible for a variety of Departmental and University scholarships to participate in this program. Visit the HKBU Summer Program website for more info:


Hong Kong Flyer