Kyoungmee Kate Byun

Assistant Professor


Kyoungmee Kate Byun joins the Department of Fine Arts as an Assistant Professor of Interior Design after her teaching experiences in Interior Design for college levels, academic training of Architecture and Interior Design, and experiences working as a interior designer and a planner in 2013.

Course Offerings

ART 106: Foundation 3-D design
ART 562: Interior Design - Studio II
ART 563: Interior Design - Studio III
ART 565: Interior Design - Directed Projects
ART 566: Interior Design - Interiors Construction
ART 568: Interior Design - Building Systems
ART 596: Interior Design - Professional Development

Teaching Interest

Commercial Design/theory • Design process (EBD)/Space planning methodology • Human factors in Interior Design • Building construction & systems

Research Interest

Design of Third place for enhancing social interaction • Environmental Design for Older Adults • Interdisciplinary approach between architecture and interior design • Humanizing design

Awards & Honors

CANstruction at Louisville 2015: "Comfort Food Comfort From". Honorable Mention Winner awarded: March 2015

9th Annual ACC meeting of the Minds: one students’ design project is selected for presentation, Pittsburg PA, April 2014

The Posters at Capital, one students’ design project placed on the finalist for presentation, Frankfort KY, November 2013

Interior Design Educators Council, two student design projects placed on the finalist and presented, Baltimore MD, March 2012

Interior Design Educators Council, Regional Chairs’ Award Winners for the Best poster, Denver CO, March 2012

Scholarship from Pail Kee Kim Memorial Scholarship for outstanding academic performance Awarded at Iowa State University, January 2009

Conference Presentations

Byun, K (June, 2016). Human perception towards to the Color integrated with Light and Materials: Exploratory study based on Kobayashi’s color theory. International Association People-environment Studies, IAPS 24, Lund Sweden

Byun, K (June, 2016). Designing studios as a social interaction place for enhancing creativity. International Association People-environment Studies, IAPS 24, Lund Sweden

Byun, K & Moon, H (June, 2016). Factors that contribute to remaining in the community among older adults. Social Work, Education and Social Development SWSD Joint World Conference, Seoul Korea

Byun, K (May, 2016). Design of Information Grounds: a Comparison of physical factors of interiors of popular information grounds and unpopular information grounds in a college library. Environmental Design Research Association, EDRA 47 Annual conference, Raleigh, NC

Byun, K (May, 2016). Back to the social living center: designing of study room as a third place in education. Environmental Design Research Association, EDRA 47 Annual conference, Raleigh NC

Byun, K & Moon, H (January, 2016). “Do social and physical environment present or delay the institutionalization?”. Society for Social Work & Research, SSWR Annual Conference, Washington D.C.

Byun, K (May, 2015). Designing of information grounds in a college town as a medium for facilitating communication and social interaction. . Environmental Design Research Association, EDRA 46 Annual conference, Los Angeles, CA

Professional Affiliation

Member, Interior Design Educators Council, March 2010 – present
Member, Environmental Design Research Association, May 2012 - present
Member, International Interior Design Association, August 2013 – present