Benjamin Hufbauer, Ph.D.

Associate Professor


Courses Taught:

ARTH 250 Survey of Ancient to Medieval Art-A
ARTH 270 Survey of Renaissance to Modern Art-A
ARTH 394 Twentieth Century Architecture
ARTH 395 American Art I (Art and Architecture from the 17th-19th centuries)
ARTH 396 American Art II (Art and Architecture since 1900)

Special Topics Courses:

ARTH 595-695 Issues in American Art
ARTH 595-695 New Approaches to American Art
ARTH 595-695 Monuments and Memorials
ARTH 595-695 Architecture and Film
ARTH 595-695 Alfred Hitchcock
ARTH 595-695 Animated Film

Teaching Areas

American Art
19th and 20th Century Architecture
Commemoration and Memory

Research Areas and Projects

Presidential Libraries
Monuments, Memory, and Commemoration
Public History