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Graduate Scholarships


Scholarships & Funding

The Department of Fine Arts and the Hite Art Institute have a number of scholarship and award opportunities available for their students, outside of University-wide scholarships & financial aid.  Use the links above to find out more specific information related to scholarships and funding. For Undergraduate Scholarships, please see the Undergraduate Scholarship page.


Graduate Funding

The Hite Art Institute and Department of Fine Arts offers a number of scholarships, awards and assistantships for graduate students in Art History, Studio Art, and Critical & Curatorial Studies. In addition, incoming doctoral students may be nominated by the departmental faculty for competitive University fellowships.

Scholarships and assistantships are awarded competitively and will be granted on the basis of satisfactory progress. Consideration will also be given to financial need. Master students may receive funding for up to three years, doctoral students for five years. Awards are not automatically renewed; they must be applied for each year.

Download a copy of the Graduate Scholarship Application here

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Application Procedure for Graduate Funding


These awards are available to students enrolled in the M.A. programs in Studio Art, Critical & Curatorial Studies, and Art History, and the Ph.D. program in Art History. Both full- and part-time students are eligible to apply. [Note: Funding for the MAT program in Art Education in administered through the College of Education.]

All graduate scholarships, awards, and assistantships are awarded competitively and granted on the basis of academic performance. Consideration may be given to financial need in determining the amount of the award.

Each award is granted for the period of one academic year only and is not automatically renewed. A student may receive funding for a maximum of two years while in the M.A. program and a maximum of five years in the Ph.D. program. Students should only apply for those scholarships for which they meet the eligibility requirements and can complete the assigned duties.


Completed applications should be postmarked or returned by January 15 to:

Graduate Scholarship Committee
c/o Theresa Berbet
Department of Fine Arts
University of Louisville
Louisville, Kentucky 40292

Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.

Application Checklist

 ❑ Application form

 ❑ Transcript(s)
University of Louisville students currently enrolled must submit a copy of the most current unofficial transcript. Students who have not yet completed the B.A. should attach an undergraduate transcript. Students who have completed some graduate work should attach a graduate transcript.
New students: Transcripts included with admission materials will be used for entering students and those who are in their first semester at U of L.

 ❑ Applicant Statement
Applications must be accompanied by a brief, typed statement (350 words) explaining why the student should be considered for Graduate Funding. Applicants may outline scholastic goals, achievements, and career objectives, and/or explain any special circumstances or financial needs.

 ❑ Letter of support
Students are required to request one letter of support, preferably from their mentor/advisor or a faculty member with whom they have worked closely. This letter should be sent under separate cover and addressed to the Graduate Scholarship Committee.

For additional information on funding:

Art History
Janice Blair

Studio Art
Linda Rowley

Critical & Curatorial Studies
John Begley

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Graduate Funding Opportunities

Hite Assistantships

Established in 1946 through a bequest from Allen and Marcia Hite, the Hite Endowment Fund underwrites various programs in the Department of Fine Arts including Hite Assistantships.

Award: Multiple awards with amount ranging from $1,000 to $10,000.* Students are eligible to receive these awards for more than one academic year, however they must complete a new application each year in order to be reconsidered. Area of Concentration: Art History, Studio Art, Critical & Curatorial Studies.

Eligibility: All graduate students. Description: Awards are made with duties assigned in the following categories:

  • Class Assistants: aid faculty in one of their courses each semester. Duties are assigned by the individual faculty members, but generally include grading exams and assignments.
  • Studio Assistants: aid faculty with general studio and equipment maintenance.
  • Research Assistants: engage in activities such as bibliographic searches.
  • Exhibition Assistants: work with Gallery Director and/or staff of the Speed Art Museum on exhibition or curatorial projects.
  • Visual Resource Assistants: work with the department’s slide and digital image collection.

Application deadline: January 15


Don Payton Graduate Awards in Art History

Award: Range varies.*

Area of Concentration: Art History.

Eligibility: All art history graduate students.

Application deadline: January 15

Cressman Scholarships

Award: Range varies.*

Area of Concentration: Art History, Studio Art, Critical & Curatorial Studies.

Eligibility: All graduate students.

Description: Award with assigned duties which advance the research and teaching activities of the department.

Frederic Lindley Morgan Research Assistantships

Award: Range varies.*

Area of Concentration: Art History.

Eligibility: Doctoral students whose area of concentration is Architectural History.

Description: Award with assigned duties related to the Morgan Professorship program.

Curatorial Research Assistantships

Award: Range varies.*

Area of Concentration: Critical & Curatorial Studies.

Eligibility: Graduate students in the Critical & Curatorial Studies program.

Description:  Curatorial Research Assistants gain broad experience by serving in a number of capacities in a museum setting. Compensation includes tuition remission and a stipend.

Arts & Sciences Graduate Teaching Assistantships (GTA)

Award: Range varies.*

Area of Concentration: Art History and Studio Art.

Eligibility: Studio and Art History graduate students who have completed a minimum of 18 hours of graduate coursework.

Description: GTAs are expected to teach introductory level courses over the academic year (Art History: 9 hours, Studio: 6 hours). Compensation includes tuition remission and a stipend.

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