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Academic Programs

Studio Art

The Studio Art program provides an introduction to the visual arts with study and studio practice in color, two-dimensional design, three-dimensional design and drawing through the Foundations Program. These basic, comprehensive, introductory courses are preparatory for further study in the department's studio disciplines. For the undergraduate student wishing to major in studio art, the program provides in-depth study in studio specialties in 2-D studios (drawing, photography, printmaking and painting), 3-D studios (ceramics, fibers, glass, and sculpture), Communication Art & Design and Interior Architecture. Courses are also offered that lead to certification in art education. The Department of Fine Arts offers undergraduates the choice of  B.A. or B.F.A. degrees in studio art.


Art History

The Art History program offers courses that introduce students to the history and appreciation of the visual arts. An introductory course explores fundamental elements of design and the potential of the visual media through the study of major works of art around the world and in the region. For the undergraduate wishing to major in art history the program provides in-depth study in Ancient, Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Nineteenth and Twentieth Century, Modern and Contemporary Western art and architecture, as well as in Pan-African (African and African-American) art. The Department of Fine Arts offers undergraduates the B.A. degree in Art History.

The Department of Fine Arts also offers Master of Arts degrees in Studio Art, Art History, Critical & Curatorial Studies, and a joint Masters of Public Administration (M.P.A.) in Curatorial Studies and Urban Planning.  A Doctor of Philosophy is also offered in Art History. 

Degree Programs


     Bachelors of Arts:

           BA in Art History

           BA in Studio Art

     Bachelors of Fine Arts:

            BFA in Interior Architecture

            BFA in Communication Art & Design

            BFA in 3-D Studios

            BFA in 2-D Studios

     Undergraduate Minor:

            Minor in Fine Arts

            Minor in Art History

     Masters of Arts:

            MA in Studio Art

            MA in Art History

            MA in Critical & Curatorial Studies


Other Graduate Programs:

            MA/MPA (Joint Degree) in Public Administration & Curatorial Studies

            MAT (Masters of Arts in Teaching) in Art Education 

     Doctor of Philosophy:

            PhD in Art History

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