Fall 2018 Field Training Exercise

Cadets spent two days on Fort Knox to refine field skills and leadership ability in preparation for summer training
Fall 2018 Field Training Exercise

A team of cadets simulates clearing a building during a raid lane.

On the weekend 22 September 2018, the Cadets of the Cardinal Battalion as well as those from the University of Western Kentucky trained at Fort Knox to refine their skills in preparation for Summer Training. The training consisted of day and night land navigation, field craft training, and STX lanes.

The FTX kicked off with an early morning bus ride to Fort Knox, KY, where the Cadets spent the next two days. Upon arrival to the training site, MSIII cadets received and began planning for their tactical lanes. Utilizing MSI and MSII Cadets as their squad members, the MSIII Cadets honed their skills on maneuvering through difficult terrain and making tactical decisions. Cardinal Battalion Cadre remained close to guide the Cadets through the lanes and demonstrate what correct looks like. 

The second part of Day 1 included day and night land navigation lanes, where Cadets practiced shooting azimuths and navigating to points, either in a group or by themselves. These training repetitions provide valuable training, particularly to the MSIII Cadets that will be assessed on their Land Navigation skills at Cadet Summer Training 2019. 

On Sunday morning, the Cadets cleaned up their bivouac sites and conducted another tactical lane before departing Fort Knox for UL. The Cadets then conducted recovery operations, ensuring that all of their gear was clean and serviceable for the next training exercise. 

The Cardinal Battalion Cadets did an outstanding job dealing with difficult weather and terrain while still staying positive and mentally tough. MSII Cadet Nick Nuccio called the FTX "the best experience of this school year so far." He went on to say, " It was very educational in the tactical environment and we all learned a lot from the Cadre-led STX lanes. We were able to put our land navigation skills to the test on a new, challenging course that will definitely help the MSIII class at Advanced Camp. Most impressively, everybody persevered through the non-stop pouring rain. We couldn't have asked for a better weekend."

Well done Cardinal Battalion! Battle On!