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LTC Jessica MurnockDougherty Hall, Rm 213
Professor of Military
(Adjutant General)502-852-7902
MSG Michael Walsh
Dougherty Hall, Rm 211
Senior Military Science
CPT TJ Miller
Dougherty Hall, Rm 203
Recruiting and
(Adjutant General)502-852-3514
Executive OfficerDougherty Hall, Rm 210
Asst. Professor of Military Science502-852-4488
CPT Steven Richards
Dougherty Hall, Rm 214
Asst. Professor of Military
MSG John Grayson
Dougherty Hall, Rm 203
Military Science
Ms. Barbara KoehlerDougherty Hall, Rm 214
Human Resources
Ms. Camille WoodsDougherty Hall, Rm 216
University Admin