Undergraduate Majors

Students interested in majoring in Anthropology now have flexibility to create their own path:

  • Archaeology - the study of the human past from an anthropological perspective.
  • Biological or physical anthropology - the study of human populations from an evolutionary standpoint.
  • Cultural or social anthropology -  the differing cultures of human populations. 

The Anthropology major at the University of Louisville includes:

  • 200-level and 300-level courses in each sub-discipline: Archaeology, Biological Anthropology, and Cultural Anthropology.
  • A Methods course in one sub-discipline. This is a key requirement and you should consult with your advisor prior to selecting one of the course options.
  • ANTH 475, Engaged Anthropology, because public engagement is a critical part of Anthropology. The course will enable majors to apply Anthropology to real-world situations.
  • ANTH 508, the capstone course that provides a fundamental understanding of the ideas that underlie Anthropology.
  • Our Flight Plan that shows several options for fulfilling 12 hours of elective courses.  Majors can choose supporting courses in the humanities, natural sciences and social sciences. 

In any case, students can put together a diverse portfolio of courses to meet the requirements for a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology.

While not a requirement, we strongly encourage majors to seek out internships (ANTH 401) and study abroad experiences to enhance their degree. Those interested in teaching should take ANTH 430 to gain practical experience in the classroom.

Anthropology majors should also seek out faculty mentors in the department to guide them through the curriculum and prepare them for various career paths.

Visit the UofL Academic Catalog website for a complete overview of the Anthropology (BA) degree requirements.