Department of Anthropology Senior Honors Thesis

A general anthropology is informed by a concern with other peoples and a commitment to understanding them through a framework that always includes ourselves--biologically, culturally, and archaeologically.  The Department of Anthropology fosters the development of our majors as anthropologists in general.  This includes encouraging majors to prepare a Departmental Senior Honors Thesis.  These are produced on specialized topics that speak to the more general enterprise of anthropology.  Writing a thesis is good preparation for graduate school and other undertakings.  Moreover, it is good for anthropology.

Requirements to complete a senior honors thesis are explicated at the Anthropology Senior Honors Thesis page.


Chair of Departmental Honors Committee: Shawn Parkhurst

Please note: The Departmental Senior Honors Thesis is distinct from the University Honors Thesis.  For the latter, see the website of the University Honors Program.

Download the Senior Honors Thesis application (.pdf).

Once the thesis is completed, an Anthropology Departmental Honors Thesis Completion Form (.pdf) will be required.