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Peer mentoring program

Interested students have the opportunity to receive peer support from within the Anthropology Department.

The goals of the peer mentoring program are:

  • To enhance the department's collegial atmosphere
  • To provide peer support to students who are facing difficulties, whether academic or otherwise
  • To direct students to appropriate on-campus resources that can enhance personal and academic experiences
  • To mentor students in their academic careers
  • To identify peers that students can approach with questions or problems when they are less comfortable approaching faculty members
  • To improve retention and graduation rates


The three peer mentors this semester are Brett McGrath, Rhiannon Simon and Nancy Williams. Each peer mentor spends a lot of time in the Anthropology Department, either in the lobby or the computer lab. Feel free to approach them at any time; they are here to help you! To contact the mentors, please email Dr. Burnet or the students themselves:


Brett McGrath


Rhiannon Simon


Nancy Williams