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Current Course Offerings

Courses currently being taught by the Anthropology department

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Undergraduate Course Offerings for Fall 2013

  • ANTH 201: Intro to Cultural Anthropology (SBCD2):  MWF 10-1050am, MWF 1-150pm; TBA
  • ANTH 202: Intro to Biological Anthropology (S):  MW 2-3:15pm Purifoy, F; Tillquist, C.
  • ANTH 203: Introduction to World Prehistory (SBCD2): TBA, Distance Ed. Hoefer, D.
  • ANTH 204: Intro to Archaeology (SBCD1): TBA Diblasi, P. Distance Education.
  • ANTH 205: Music in World Cultures (SBCD1): TTh 1-215pm, MW 530-645pm Mulhall, S.
  • ANTH 304: Prehistoric Europe. MWF 11-1150am Haws, J.
  • ANTH 306: Human Biological Variation. TTh 11-12:15pm Crespo, F.
  • ANTH 314: Archaeology of Sacred Sites. TTh 1-215pm Hale, J.
  • ANTH 317: Anthropology of China (CD2): MW 4-5:15pm Zhao, J.
  • ANTH 318: African-American Cultural Traditions.  TTh 230-345pm Harris, A.
  • ANTH 319: Cultures of the Middle East. TTh 1-215pm Peteet, J.
  • ANTH 320: Indians of North America: TTh 11-12:15pm Wiche, J.
  • ANTH 324: Iberian Anthropology TTh 4-515pm Parkhurst, S.
  • ANTH 327: Fundamentals of Skeletal Forensics TTh 930-1045am Diblasi, P.
  • ANTH 338: Anthropology of Refugees: TTh 2:30-3:45pm Peteet, J.
  • ANTH 341: Introduction to Folklore TTh 4-515pm Harris, A.
  • ANTH 344: Anthropology of Clothing: MW 2-3:15pm Zhao, J.
  • ANTH 350: Pestilences and Plagues MW 4-515pm Tillquist, C.
  • ANTH 352: Food and Body Politic TTh 230-345pm Wiche, J.
  • ANTH 361: Special Topics in Anthropology: Social Movements: MW 4-515pm TBA
  • ANTH 361: Archaeology of Death TTh 11am-1215pm Roth, N.
  • ANTH 508: History of Anthropology (WR): M 5:30-8:15pm Jones, Y.
  • ANTH 509: Archaeology Theory and Method (WR) MW 2-315pm Haws, J.
  • ANTH 511: Ethnographic Methods (WR) W 530-815pm O'Connor, K.
  • ANTH 540: Human Adaptation TTh 230-345pm Crespo, F.
  • ANTH 548: Food & Farm Movements in America T 530-815pm Markowitz, L.