Anthropology Student Association

All the latest and greatest happenings in the world of undergraduate anthropologists at the University of Louisville.

Anthropology Student Association

The Anthropology Student Association is a Recognized Student Organization (RSO) designed to make opportunities to experience Anthropology more accessible to students.  The programs that ASA participate in are dictated by its student membership and their interests.  Each semester, ASA sponsors a variety of activities, from lectures to field trips.

Membership Requirements

Initial acceptance into ASA has a single requirement: support of the official purpose of the ASA constitution: "to promote education and awareness in the field of Anthropology and to encourage interested students to interact with Anthropology faculty and other professionals in the field".


A modest activity fee ($10.00 per semester) is collected to support ASA activities.  There are membership forms under the bulletin board in the Anthropology Department Office.  Remember dues are a way of offsetting the costs for speakers, food, field trips, ect.  However, everyone is encouraged and invited to attend lectures and activities and to bring friends!


There are two ways to let your voice be heard in ASA.  The first is simply, as a member in good standing, to make a motion at one of the general meetings (See the Order of Business fliers available in the ASA information box located in the Anthropology Department) and voting on other motions.  The other way is to become an officer yourself.  Elections are usually held in December,with new officers becoming effective on January 1, in order to prepare for the following Fall semester.  You may nominate yourself or someone else.