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Lisa Markowitz

Dr. Markowitz's research

Since the 1980s, Dr. Markowitz has worked in small communities in Andean South America. In particular, her interests in the rural side of global commodity flows drew her to the high-elevation alpaca-raising regions of southern Peru. Upon moving to Kentucky in the mid-1990s, her interests expanded to include small farmers in the United States, and she began to follow the efforts of KY producers to diversify out of tobacco. Subsequently, as both an activist and researcher, she has been involved with alternative agrifood projects in Louisville, and recently has undertaken a comparative study in Vermont. Her research themes have included community food security, the history and impact of rural development programs in Latin America, and the role of producers' organizations in regional social movements.  Her latest project takes her back to southern Peru to examine the new rural food supply chains which have emerged as part of the country's current gastronomic boom.  Most recently, she guest edited a special issue “Local Foods,” of U of L’s own Sustain magazine.


Recent Publications

2012 Markowitz, Lisa and John Brett (eds.) U.S. Food Policy: Anthropology and Advocacy in the Public Interest. NY: Routledge

2012 "Not Your Grandmother's Agrarianism: The Kentucky Community Farm Alliance's New Agrifood Activism and its Implications for Appalachia." Movement Building in Appalachia. Eds. S. Fisher and B. Smith Pp.210-25. University of Illinois Press. With Dwight Billings and JenRose Fitzgerald.

2012 “Highland Haute Cuisine: The Transformation of Alpaca Meat.” Global processes, local places: Redefining marginalized foods, ed. Elizabeth Finnis, Pp.34-48 University of Arizona Press

2010 Expanding Access and Alternatives: Building Farmers' Markets in Low-Income Communities. Food & Foodways. 18(1-2):66-80