Portuguese Studies Program Information

The Portuguese Studies Program fosters direct intensive cultural and professional learning experiences for University of Louisville students in Portugal.

Study Abroad in Portugal

The Portuguese Studies Program sponsors summer study in Portugal for UofL students.  Portugal, a key country in the history of globalization, is an important site for the study of society and politics in the European Union, and of links between Europe, Africa, the United States, and South America.


Summer 2015 Program Overview


Option 1: Archaeology Field School at Lapa do Picareiro

Students will participate in archaeological excavation at the cave site, Lapa do Picareiro, in central Portugal. This cave contains deposits dated from the Iron Age, Bronze Age, Neolithic, Upper Paleolithic and Middle Paleolithic. The course will focus on the Upper and Middle Paleolithic deposits, addressing the problem of Neanderthal extinction and replacement by anatomically modern humans.

Students will be enrolled in 6 credits of ANTH 377, Field Methods in Archaeology. This course provides training in field methods that Archaeologists use to study the archaeological record.

Students will learn the practice of archaeology emphasizing modern methods of survey, excavation and analysis used to investigate the past. In addition, students will learn basic techniques in artifact recovery and identification.

* This is a labor-intensive course that requires hiking on steep slopes and lifting heavy objects

Dates: June 20-July 31

Stay: Mira de Aire

Highlights: Program includes an international mix of students and faculty from the US, Czech Republic and Portugal

Cultural activities: Field trips to Guimarães, Porto, Lisbon and Algarve

Cost: All accepted students receive

  • Tuition for 6 credits of ANTH 377
  • Round trip airfare
  • Room and board



Option 2: Mega Osteology

The Mega Osteology Program from the Neolithic Tombs will use the osteological remains from several burials from the region of the Estremadura in Portugal. These collections are currently stored at the Museu Nacional de Arqueologia (National Museum for Archaeology) located at Lisbon, by the Monastery of Jerónimos.

Participants will get the chance to work with collections with multiple individuals and will learn how to determine the minimum number of individuals, sex, age and pathologies in mass burial conditions. This internship will also deal with dental anthropology and morphology, the description and classification of teeth as well as the various pathologies that are evident in teeth.

This course is organized by Rui Boaventura (Univ of Lisbon, Portanta, the Association of Iberian Archaeology,) Ana Maria Silva and Maria Teresa Ferreira (Univ of Coimbra).



Dates: July 6- July 24

Stay: Lisbon

Highlights: http://www.portanta.com/programs/mega-osteology-from-neolithic-tombs/

Costs: all accepted students will receive

  • €600 tuition
  • Round trip airfare
  • Stipend for room costs, meals not included





Option 3: University of Algarve, Portuguese as a Foreign Language

This is a 4-week course in Portuguese language taught at various levels by faculty at the University of Algarve on the south coast of Portugal. The students will take placement tests to determine the appropriate level. The course is taught on the Gambelas campus where students will reside in dormitories.

There is a programme of cultural activities. These activities will take place in the afternoon about twice a week and on 1 or 2 Saturdays. These cultural events cover excursions to historical sites in the Algarve, nature reserves, boat trips, or a simple outing into the countryside or to a traditional Algarve village.




Dates: July (registration is not yet open)

Highlights: http://www.ualg.pt/home/en/content/faro-1

Cultural activities: excursions on Saturdays, twice weekly cultural events

Costs: all accepted students receive

  • €550 tuition
  • Round trip airfare





Application Procedures (Due March 1st)


  • Applicants must be UofL students in good standing
  • Minimum 3.0 GPA



  • Complete online application: Application
  • Applicants must include name and contact of one reference, upload cv/resume and unofficial UofL transcript
  • Upon acceptance all participants must complete and submit: Student Release & Assumption of Risk Form, Overseas Emergency Information Sheet, copy of passport, and copy of International Student ID card. Turn in materials to:
Paula Huffman
Department of Anthropology
Room 230, Lutz Hall
, University of Louisville
Louisville, KY 40292



For more information contact:

Dr. Jonathan Haws
Associate Professor and Co-Director,
Portuguese Studies Program

Department of Anthropology
Lutz Hall Room 236

Email: Dr. Haws