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Space, Place, and Culture to be offered Spring 2013

Grad students and senior undergrads! Check out Dr. Parkhurst's course offering in Spring 2013, ANTH 507 "Space Place, and Culture". See details below:

“Where” we are and “who” we are:

Is there really a difference?

The course proposes that the answer is a complex one. It examines how different spaces – such as continents, nation-states, regions, mountain areas, river valleys, towns, neighborhoods, houses, classrooms – inform cultural difference, cultural commonality, and identity formation. Treating culture a matter of space and place means approaching it as something people both enter and leave, like a labyrinth, rather than as something they simply acquire, like a grocery item, or learn, like a school lesson. Such an approach delivers surprising results when we examine (as we will) everyday power relations, economic organization, “racial” conceptions, gender differences, landscapes and the production of such items as songs, books, and dreams.

Some of the case material will be drawn from the Portuguese-speaking world (the instructor’s area of specialization).




Professor: Shawn Parkhurst

Wednesdays 5:30-8:15 PM

ANTH 507