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Dr. Jones investigates race and genocide, writes biography on Dr. Vilakazi

Dr. Yvonne Jones is conducting research in Spring 2013 and has some interesting projects that she's working on. Read more about her plans below:

Dr. Jones is writing an intellectual biography on former professor and mentor of hers, Dr. Absolom Vilakazi. Dr. Vilakazi in an important figure, as a South African Zulu political refugee. Dr. Vilakazi was part of the "Treason Trials", when the South African apartheid government arrested 145 political dissidents, including Nelson Mandela. In 1957, Vilakazi emigrated to the United States with the assistance of two famous white, South African anthropologists, Hilde, and Leo Kuper.

Dr. Jones is also completing an ethnography on political economy in West Louisville. Her work in the area focuses on race, crime, and economic development, and explores the shifting boundaries of the African American community.

In addition to these projects, Dr. Jones is also researching memorial sites of oppression at the WWII concentration camps of Auschwitz and Birkenau, as well as at slave sites of Carter's Grove and Farmington. One of the features investigated at the WWII sites will be the geographic boundaries of Nazi residence areas in relation to the concentration camps. Dr. Jones teaches a course on genocide at UofL, and students hoping to learn more about her research in that area are encouraged to enroll next time it is offered.