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Doing Food Justice

Dr. Markowitz presented her research on agrifood activism in Louisville at the Hoosier Area Food and Sustainability Symposium at Indiana University in Bloomington November 5, 2011.

In Louisville over the past few years, agrifood activism has taken off. An array of nonprofits has sprouted, community gardens are taking root, and farmers' markets have proliferated. Many of these entities articulate with or are represented within (to some extent at least) the city's recently established Food Policy Advisory Council. In Louisville as in other cities, academics participant in such coordinating or centralizing bodies, often wear multiple hats--institutional representative; researcher; community-activist; teacher. This round table is envisaged as a conversation about the complications and possibilities for university-and college-based participants in activist and civic organizations. In particular, in what ways can social scientists use their research skills, as well as their particular understandings and analyses of social organization, to support groups and coalitions working toward food justice?