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Current Course Offerings

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Fall 2013 Graduate Course Offerings

  • ANTH 508: History of Anthropology (WR): M 5:30-8:15pm Jones, Y.
  • ANTH 509: Archaeology Theory and Method (WR) MW 2-315pm Haws, J.
  • ANTH 511: Ethnographic Methods (WR) W 530-815pm O'Connor, K.
  • ANTH 540: Human Adaptation TTh 230-345pm Crespo, F.
  • ANTH 548: Food & Farm Movements in America T 530-815pm Markowitz, L.
  • ANTH 601: Special Topics in Anthropology M 530-815 TBA
  • ANTH 608: Social and Cultural Theory: Th 5:30-8:15pm Parkhurst, S.
  • ANTH 609: Research Methods: Archaeology MW 2-315pm Haws, J.
  • ANTH 671: Independent Study (research): TBA
  • ANTH 672: Thesis; Tillquist, C.
    Reading, research, and writing of thesis under the supervision of a faculty member.  Prerequisite: Graduate status