Arthur DeFruscio

Graduate Teaching Assistant, MA student


I work with Dr. Tillquist.


I’m interested in population genetics, and am currently working on a thesis project with Dr. Tillquist. I have bachelor’s degrees in Chemical Engineering and Psychology from Clarkson University. I spent one and a half years as a research assistant in the Neurophysiology Lab at Clarkson University, where I studied the effects of positive and negative visual stimuli on reaction time in an experimental paradigm and resulting event related potentials (ERPs) calculated from electroencephalogram (EEG) readings. I also spent a few months with the Louisville Metro Department of Public Health and Wellness as a laboratory technician, where I performed environmental tests, and blood and serological tests.

I very much enjoyed all of my classes thus far, especially History of Anthropology (ANTH508), Community Food Security (ANTH626), and Health and Disease (ANTH650). I’ve consistently found class discussions to be engaging and insightful, and quite enjoyable. I am currently working with Dr. Tillquist on my thesis project.

Fun Facts:

I love to cook, especially Thai, Indian, and North African cuisines. I also very much enjoy going out to restaurants, and am well acclimated to the fantastic Louisville dining scene. Finally, I enjoy spending time outdoors, especially when it involves swimming.