Peter Little

Dr. Little'sresearch in anthropology looks at the intersections of environment, health, and culture in general and the social, political, and health dimensions of industrial pollution in particular. These areas of interest have drawn Dr. Little to the growing connections between social science, environmental studies, disaster studies, science and technology studies, and environmental justice activism.

Areas of Interest: Environmental Anthropology, Medical Anthropology, Political Ecology, Environmental Justice, Disaster Studies, High-Tech Industry

Selected Publications:

Toxic Town: IBM, Pollution, and Industrial Risks (forthcoming, New York University Press)

2013  Envisioning the Political Ecology of Mitigation in a Microelectronic Disaster Setting. Journal of Political Ecology 20(13): 217-237.

2013  Vapor Intrusion: The Political Ecology of an Emerging Environmental Health Concern. Human Organization 72(2): 121-131.

2012  Another Angle on Pollution Experience: Toward an Anthropology of the Emotional Ecology of Risk Mitigation. Ethos 40(4): 431-452.

2012  Environmental Justice Discomfort and Disconnect in IBM’s Tainted Birthplace: A Micropolitical Ecology Perspective. Capitalism, Nature, Socialism 23(2): 92-109.

2009  Negotiating Community Engagement and Science in the Federal Environmental Public Health Sector. Medical Anthropology Quarterly 23(2): 94-118.

Additional Information:

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