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Find burial

Find a burial in Easter, Greenwood or Schardein Cemeteries in Louisville, KY.

To submit a request via email -- provide your full mailing address and the name and death date of the individual. Use the BACK button on your browser to return to this page.

For more details, read the following:

Photocopies of all documents related to the burial of family members in Eastern, Greenwood and Schardein Cemeteries (once owned by the Louisville Crematory and Cemeteries, Incorporated) for no cost.

However, if you would like to make a donation, (and you are under no obligation whatsoever to do so) you may do so by writing a check to: "University of Louisville" and sending it to:

Attention--Sharon O'Bryan




It would not hurt if you put a note in telling Sharon that the check is for the cemetery records. All donations will be expended to preserve the records of these cemeteries. The records for these cemeteries fill a small office and, in the case of Eastern Cemetery, date as early as 1840.

To keep this service free, please do a bit of work.

Please provide a correct mailing address where I can send the documents. You can find your correct mailing address (including zip + four) by clicking here. You might also provide a telephone number where you can be reached, if I need additional information about the deceased.

The state of the records is important and you must realize what can be found.

For individuals buried prior to 1899--about all you will get is a confirmation of their name as recorded in the Day Books (a chronological listing of burials) and possibly a burial location. The date recorded in the Day Books is not the date of death--rather it is the date the body was buried in the cemetery. You might also get the cost of the grave and the undertaker's name. If you are expecting birth date, age, marriage date, parent's name, and place of death, cause of death or any other information -- it's not there. In fact, if you have the birth date and death date, you have more than is in the cemetery records. You must also realize that there is a high probability that the grave has been reused and can never really be found.

For the majority of individuals buried from 1900-1949, the information consists of: name, date of death, burial location, undertaker's name and cost of the grave. Near the latter portion of this period, you may get age, sex and race.

Beginning in 1950 to the present, the information is more complete. You might expect to get birth, death and burial dates. You might also expect nativity, nearest next-of-kin (usually the one who paid the bill), outer container type, sex, and race. Also frequently included is the undertaker, cost of grave, funeral time (at cemetery) and a obituary clipped from the newspaper.

There are several sets of records, these include: Burial Index Cards (BIC), Day Books, Range Books and Maps.

A search begins with the Burial Index Cards. This is a massive file of 3x5 inch index cars alphabetized by surname. The problem is that the BICs were abstracted from the Day Books and are very incomplete. We have found that entire decades of Day Books (10,000+ individuals) are missing from the BICs. So if you submit a name only -- you may get no (0) results or 200 (with a name like John Smith or Paul Johnson -- I even found two men by the same names who were buried in the same cemetery on the same date!).

If you want a table of individuals by a specific surname (and provide common alternate spellings) -- it will be generated using the BICs. It will include: name, date of burial and burial location (however it is recorded in the records). Remember, without specific death dates, individuals can and will be missed.

However, the more information you provide the better chance the records for the individual you are seeking will be found. Should you provide a name and a date of death (at least to the month), the chances of getting information increases significantly. This reduces the search to a single page or two from approximately 20 linear feet of books -- some with 70-100 names per page.

If you are looking for someone who died between 1911 and 2000 click here (Roots Web -- Kentucky Death Records) or here (Kentucky Death Records 1911-1986 and 1987-1992 and Marriage & Divorce Records from 1973-1993) and get the exact date of death (and correct spelling of name and age). If you want reasonably high quality information (parents, nativity, age, cause of death, etc.) -- get a certified death certificate from the Kentucky Office of Vital Statistics. Click here for details.