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Cemetery Index

Information about written records held by the University of Louisville's Program of Archaeology regarding Eastern, Greenwood and Schardein Cemeteries (Louisville, KY).

The University of Louisville, Program of Archaeology is presently curating the written records of the Louisville Crematory and Cemeteries, Incorporated. The records are here because of a court order issued on 14 February 2001. These include the burial records for Eastern, Greenwood and Schardein Cemeteries. For a brief history of these three cemeteries -- click here.
If you are conducting genealogical research in the records for these cemeteries are on microfilm and are available from the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints. These people are also known as the Mormons. In Louisville, Kentucky, there are two sets of microfilm available for your use. One set of microfilm is available at the church genealogical library -- 1000 Hurstbourne Parkway. The telephone number is 502-426-8174. Another set of the microfilm is available at The Filson Club, 1310 South Third Street. The telephone number is 502-636-0471. However, before you begin your search, please visit my page suggesting how to use the microfilm.
If you wish to find the grave of a family member -- to have a headstone placed, to visit the grave or to have your family member moved to another cemetery, please fill out the request for information form and either email it or mail it to me.
If you have a family member who cremains were placed in the columbarium at Eastern Cemetery (in the Chapel) -- click here to see if they have been recovered and moved under the court order issued 28 July 2003. If the cremains are found in the attached list, please email me for instructions on how you can retrieve them.