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Burial Request Form

According to the Jefferson County Circuit Court order issued by Judge Thomas McDonald issued 14 February 2001, if you are seeking to have any individual or individuals buried in or disinterred from cemeteries of the Louisville Crematory and Cemeteries, Incorporated (Eastern, Greenwood or Schardein Cemeteries), please provide the information requested and email or mail it to:
ATTN: Philip DiBlasi
LOUISVILLE KY 40292-0414
At present, there is no charge for this service or copies provided. However, you must realize that searching these records can be time consuming, especially if you provide vague or erroneous information concerning the deceased. The records for these cemeteries occupy about 12 linear feet of shelf space and there are hundreds of thousands of individuals buried at these cemeteries. The records are NOT currently computerized.
Information I will need about you - please provide:
  • Your full name;
  • complete mailing address (including long postal code – to find your full mailing address click here);
  • email address; and
  • telephone number where any questions concerning the deceased can be directed.
Information I will need about the deceased:
  • The full legal name of the person (or persons) for whom you are searching.
  • In addition, because the records are not listed by name (alphabetically), please provide a death date for this or these individuals.
  • If the individual died in Kentucky – search here for death certificate information and death date.
  • Be sure to provide the name of the cemetery in which they are believed to be buried.
If you are searching for cremation records and/or cremains for individuals cremated at the Louisville Crematory (EasternCemetery), please provide all of the information requested, above.