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About the College of Arts and Sciences

The modern university is a complex organization that serves multiple constituencies in a rapidly changing society and world. The currency of the modern university is knowledge, both pure and applied--knowledge of the past and present, the organic and inorganic, the microscopic and the cosmic, the vast range of cultures and societies, and the dreams and visions of humankind. In an information age, this advanced knowledge is essential for students not only to acquire a degree and prepare for work, but also to grow and develop into responsible and informed members of a global community.

The University of Louisville is such an institution and the College of Arts and Sciences is the liberal arts and sciences core of the University. The mission of the College is to improve life in the Commonwealth of Kentucky and, particularly, in the greater Louisville metropolitan area. The College is the largest academic unit of the University and is home to the majority of undergraduate and graduate students. The College supports students at all levels, from introductory courses in general education to highly specialized seminars for advanced students.

Because we recognize that knowledge is not fixed, we encourage students to analyze, question and reformulate ideas constantly. Furthermore, we are committed not only to knowledge, but to creating a diverse teaching and learning environment that mirrors the racial and gender diversity of our service area as well. An excellent education in the liberal arts and sciences is the best investment a student can make and I urge you to take full advantage of the exciting, rich and varied opportunities offered by the College of Arts and Sciences.




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