AGSA held a Successful Beer with Professor Scientific Outreach

Dr. Marklein presents "An ancient education: from reading dead languages to reading (the bones of) the dead."

The Anthropology Graduate Student Association’s Beer with a Professor series is an opportunity for students and community members alike to engage with professors in a casual, laid back atmosphere. Here, everyone can learn about anthropology, current research, and interesting subfields of the discipline. Each event features a new invited speaker who gives a talk on a particular area of interest, followed by a Q&A session. Previously Dr. John Hale offered a glimpse into the life of an underwater archeologist, and recently Dr. Kathryn Marklein enlightened the audience on how to read the bones of ancient populations. These talks are held once a semester at Four Pegs, a local pub in the Germantown neighborhood that has served as AGSA’s meeting ground. We hope to see you there!

Dr. Marklein with AGSA officers.

Dr. Hale with AGSA officers.