Muhammad Ali Scholar Alum Dominique Roberts Participates in UofL Panel about Student Activism

During a time where our world is dealing with a pandemic and racial inequalities, the University ofLouisville College of Education and Human Developmentcollaborated with the Office of Diversity andEquality to host a Learning Café about student activism on campus.  The event, Learning Café: Things to Know About Student Activism and Campus Protests, was held on August 4, 2020 to educate the campus students, staff, and faculty on ways to balance free speech right without the disruption of learning.

The Café Conversation was led by Dr. Jefferey Sun (CEHD) and focused on students who shared their views about racial inequality on campus and in our community, and their efforts to advance racial justice.  The student panel included former Muhammad Ali Scholar and UofL L alum (Class of 2020),  Dominique Roberts, as well as current students: Brandon Thomas (senior and head of newly formed SGA Diversity Committee) and Arii Linton (senior and partner with Louisville Black Lives Matter).

Dr. Sun began the discussion by highlighting past UofL campus activism including a large Student Die-In Protest to expand awareness of the Black Lives Matter Movement in September 2017 which was co-organized by Muhammad Ali Scholar, Wesley Turner. Dr. Sun identified key issues in campus protests, including constitutional law principles. The Learning Café primarily focused on the experiences of students and their push for racial justice at the University of Louisville, including two to three actions or initiates that can be proposed to the University

To view and hear more about this Learning Café please click this link .