A Message From Lonnie Ali


On June 3, 2020 Lonnie Ali shared her thoughts how Muhammad Ali would have responded to this moment of awareness about the longstanding pandemic of systemic racism in this country. Muhammad passed away on this date in 2016. Lonnie Ali issued a call to action for each of us to advance social justice that UofL’s Muhammad Ali Institute for Peace and Justice would like to share:

“Truthfully, we have no choice but to get through this—whole and unified. I know Muhammad would want Louisville to shine the way, to be that beacon of light for the rest of the nation. This will mean the cooperation of city officials, religious and civic leaders, university and college presidents, community activist, business leaders and owners, law enforcement personnel and most importantly every citizen. It will require a commitment to work together, full transparency, honest dialogue, actionable and sustainable solutions, justice and hard work.”

-Lonnie Ali

You can read Lonnie Ali’s full essay here.