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Frequently Asked Questions


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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I find my advisor?
  • Students receive academic advising from either full-time professional advisors or faculty members from their major area, you can contact your college or school's academic advising center to learn who has been designated to assist you with your advising needs. Use the QuickLinks box above to learn more!

  • How do I register for class?
  • Registering for classes is done through the ULink student information portal. After you pick your classes from the online schedule of courses, use our step by step instructions (with screen shots) to refresh your memory on how to get through the registration process.

  • How do I find a tutor?
  • Tutoring is available through a number of venues here at the University. Most tutoring needs can be met through REACH as they offer free assistance in a number of subject areas. Students who have documented disabilities may elect to work with the Disability Resource Center to get assistance in finding accessible tutoring services. Student athletes should contact their athletic academic advisors to learn about tutoring that available through the Olga S. Peers Academic Center for student athletes.

  • How do I change my major?
  • Changing your major to something that is within your current academic unit typically involves making a trip to your unit’s academic advising office for an advising appointment to explain your new degree requirements and to submit any necessary paperwork. If you want to change to a major located in another academic unit, you will need to complete an Intra-Unit Transfer. Additional details on this process can be found here.

  • What should I do if I have to miss class?
  • It's important for students to attend all scheduled class sessions. However, in the event that you must miss a class session, every effort should be made to contact the professor to make him/her aware of the situation as soon as possible. It is also important for the student to review the course syllabus for information on the policies that govern attendance and the opportunity to make up class work. Remember, it is the student's responsibility to notify the professor, secure any class notes and make arrangements to make-up any missed assignments as described by the course syllabus.

  • Will withdrawing from a class affect my financial aid?
  • Generally speaking, if a financial aid award is based on the student carrying a full-time course load and they fall below twelve (12) semester credit hours the financial aid award may be reduced. This may also occur if aid is based on part-time enrollment and the student falls below six (6) credit hours. If withdrawing from a course won't take you below the minimum number of enrollment hours required by the financial aid award, then one should be able to withdraw from the course without any negative affects. However, students are advised to always check with the financial aid office if they have some concerns about the impact of withdrawing on their aid eligibility.

  • How do I take a distance education class?
  • Enrolling in a distance education course is easy; you simply use the class code to register for it in ULink, just as you would with a traditional class. Not sure how to find distance education courses in the online schedule of courses? On the schedule page, find the Location drop down box and select “Distance Education” as the course location. This will pull up a listing of all of the courses that are being taught at a distance.

  • How do I apply for my degree?
  • Students should apply to have their degree awarded at the beginning of the semester in which they expect to complete all of their degree requirements. Students will apply for their degree via their ULink account. Log-in and click on the “Student Services” tab. Once the page loads look for the “Degree Application” link under the Registration heading. Click on the link and follow through the steps to select your degree plan, submit your application, and edit the way in which your name will appear on your degree. Once your degree plan has been successfully submitted, you will receive a confirmation email in your University email account.

  • Can I take classes at another college or university?
  • Students have the opportunity to take courses at other colleges or universities as either visiting students or through the Metroversity program. However, students should check with their academic advisor prior to attempting to register for courses at another institution, as most academic units require that students follow specific guidelines and get written permission to take courses outside the University of Louisville.

  • How do I take a math placement test?
  • Placements testing for math course are offered through the Testing Services office located in Davidson Hall (room 310). If you are a new student who will be participating in freshman orientation, you will have the opportunity to take your placement test during Orientation. All other students may call 502-852-6606 in order to schedule an appointment for math placement testing.

  • How do I view my grades or see my unofficial transcript?
  • Students can view their unofficial transcript or their semester grades through their ULink account. To view your grades for a particular semester, log-in to your account and click on the “Student Services” tab. Once the page loads look for the “Grades” link under the Registration heading. Click on this link and then select the desired term to see the grades that were earned during that semester. To view your entire University of Louisville transcript find the “View/Print Unofficial” link under the “Transcripts” heading. Please remember that your transcript will only reflect the coursework that you’ve completed here at the University of Louisville.

  • How do I find out if I have a registration hold on my account?
  • Registration holds or negative service indicators can be placed on your record for a number of reasons. Advising requirements, parking tickets and overdue library books can often lead to holds on your registration and are easily removed once the cause of the hold is resolved. So how do you know if you’ve got a hold on your account? The easy way to learn the answer to that account is to log-in to your ULink account and head over to the “Student Services” page. In the box labeled “Personal Information” find the “Holds on Account” link. Following this link will pull up a page that lists any holds that exist on your account. For more information about the hold, including info on who to contact to get it fixed, click the hypertext link for each hold.

  • Why can’t I register for classes?
  • There are a few common reasons why students have trouble registering. First check your ULink account to be sure that there are no holds on your account, as these can prevent registration. The next common reason for registration difficulty is that it is not the student’s designated time to register. Early registration times are determined by last name and academic classification. If you get an “Invalid Registration Appointment” message, it just means that you’ve tried to register before your scheduled time. A final reason that student cannot register is because they have a degree application on file. If you have applied for your degree, but need to take classes in the following semesters, you need to speak with your advisor. If none of the above situations apply to you and you still are unable to register for classes then contact your advisor for additional assistance.

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