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What is an intra-university transfer?

When you are initially admitted to the University of Louisville, you are admitted to and accepted by a particular school or college within the larger University. You may or may not meet admissions requirements for another school or college. An intra-university transfer is a transfer from one undergraduate school or college at the University to another. For example, you may wish to transfer from the College of Business to a degree program offered by the College of Arts and Sciences.

Who should apply for an intra-university transfer?

If you are a degree-seeking undergraduate student who is currently enrolled at the University of Louisville and you wish to transfer to another school or college at the University, you should complete an intra-university transfer request. Continuing Studies students are ineligible for the intra-university transfer process.

How do I apply for an intra-university transfer?

The university provides an electronic form for application for most intra-university transfers. Completing this form does not guarantee admission to the unit you wish to transfer into; rather, you will receive notifciation of the decision of the committee via e-mail.

If you are wishing to transfer into the the College of Education and Human Development or the Kent School of Social Work you should not complete this form until instructed by the advising unit. Instead, you should contact tthe CEHD advising unit at (502) 852-5597 or the Kent School advising unit at (502) 852-3935.

If you are wishing to transfer into the School of Music, an audition is required as a component of your application. To schedule an audition, you should contact the School of Music admissions office at (502) 852-1623.

Click here to access the Intra-University Transfer Eligibility Form.

What if I need to complete a petition?

If you have already submitted an intra-university transfer request, and have been instructed by the advising unit to complete a petition form, you will need to download and complete the form from this web site. The form includes the address of the advising units; you should submit your petition to the advising unit of the school or college you wish to enter. You will receive notification of the decision of the committee via e-mail.

Click here to access the Intra-University Transfer Petition Form

If you are interested in exploring an intra-university transfer, you are encouraged to consult with an academic advisor.

Minimum GPA Requirements

Why consider transferring within the University?

As you grow and progress during your college experience, you may find that your strengths or interests lie in a different academic field than you first anticipated. Through your general education coursework and your interactions with others, you may learn more about other academic areas and possibilities.

It is also possible that you may find the coursework in your current school or college more difficult than you had anticipated. Each school or college establishes its own grade point average requirements; if you encounter academic difficulty in your current area, it may be possible to transfer to another school or college within the University.