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Advising Resources for Students

Academic advising at the University of Louisville is an ongoing, intentional, educational partnership dedicated to student academic success. The University is committed to an academic advising system that guides students to discover and pursue life goals, supports diverse and equitable educational experiences, advances students' intellectual and cultural development, and teaches students to become engaged, self-directed learners and competent decision makers.

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Unit Advising Centers

Each individual undergraduate unit at the University offers quality academic advising services and has developed its own system for advising. This page provides information on how to contact your unit's advising center.

Transferring within the University

If you are a degree-seeking undergraduate student who is currently enrolled and you wish to transfer to another school or college, you should complete an intra-university transfer. This information is provided to simplify your transfer process.

Resources and Information

The University of Louisville provides many resources to facilitate the advising relationship and to support the academic and personal growth of students.

Policies and Procedures

While your academic advisor will make every effort to guide you throughout your education, students are ultimately responsible for developing a familiarity of and adherence to University, college, and departmental policies and procedures.

Academic Standing Information

The University places students into the following academic classifications: good standing, academic warning, probation, or suspension. The following pages will allow you to learn more about each of these classifications and how to work with your advisor to return to good standing.

Graduating Students

Graduating from the University is a laudable accomplishment; you should be proud of your hard work and perseverance. Seniors must ensure that in addition to academic requirements, all administrative requirements are met for graduation. While the resources on this page are a start, you are highly encouraged to meet with your academic advisor.

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