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GPA Calculator

This page is intended for your general use. Please be advised this is in no way connected with the University Registrar's office or with your academic records and is therefore unable to provide "official" information. The results of this simulation are intended solely for your personal use.

This is intended to help you calculate either your semester GPA or cumulative GPA.

The University uses the grade, quality points, and hours attempted to calculate GPA. Quality Points are counted as follows:

Letter Points Letter Points Letters Points
A+ 4.0 B+ 3.3 C+ 2.3 D+ 1.3
A 4.0 B 3.0 C 2.0 D 1.0
A- 3.7 B- 2.7 C- 1.7 D- 0.7
F 0.0

Credit Hours
Class 1
Class 2
Class 3
Class 4
Class 5
Class 6
Class 7
Class 8
GPA* Credit Hours*
* Enter your cumulative GPA prior to this semester, as well as the total number of graded credit hours earned prior to this semester. When you click the calculate button, your new cumulative GPA will be displayed, based on your previous GPA and this semester's GPA.

Target GPA Calculator

This calculator will tell you what GPA you will need for your next semester, year, etc. to reach a GPA goal.  You just need to know your current GPA and the number of credit hours you've already completed. Then choose a target GPA and a number of credit hours in which to attain that target!

Current GPA

Current Credit Hours

Goal GPA

Additional Credits 


Credit for the above calculator goes to Matt Stueve,, with modifications by Kristi Nielson, and Charlie Slavin,

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