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University Honors Program
Etscorn Honors Center
First Floor, Threlkeld Hall, Map (Google)
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Advising Requirements

The University Honors Program requires the following students to be advised:

  • New applicants to the program (continuing student or transfer)

  • All students who wish to enroll in an Honors course are required to meet with an advisor

  • College of Arts & Sciences students with less than 24 credits earned

While it is not mandatory, all University Honors Program students are strongly encouraged to participate in academic advising each semester of their undergraduate career.


Advising Availability

Office hours are Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. To schedule an advising appointment, please contact the University Honors Program at 502.852.6293 or stop by the Etscorn Honors Center (located on the first floor of Threlkeld Hall). If you have a quick question, please call the office, stop by for a visit, or send us an e-mail. Please allow 48 hours for response to e-mails.

Note: If you are an officially declared major in the College of Arts & Sciences OR if you are an Honors student enrolled in another academic unit (College of Business, Speed School of Engineering, College of Education & Human Development, School of Music, School of Nursing, or Kent School of Social Work), then it is strongly recommended you meet with both your Honors advisor and your departmental or academic unit advisor. If you have questions about this, please call 502.852.6293.


Who Is My Advisor?

All Honors students are welcome to meet with any of the four academic advisors in our office or our program director. Each Honors advisor is committed to helping you achieve your academic goals.


Luke Buckman

Assistant Director for Student Programming
Etscorn Honors Center
(502) 852-6293
E-mail Luke


Kirsten Armstrong

Assistant Director of Advising
Etscorn Honors Center
(502) 852-0025
E-mail Kirsten


Ketti Tonnemacher

Academic Counselor
Etscorn Honors Center
(502) 852-1536
E-mail Ketti


Katherine Rucker

Academic Advisor
Etscorn Honors Center
(502) 852-4962
E-mail Katherine


Sarah Gierke

Academic Counselor, Sr.
Etscorn Honors Center Room 131
(502) 852-8290
E-mail Sarah


Joy Hart, Ph.D.

Program Director
Etscorn Honors Center
(502) 852-6293
E-mail Joy