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What is FERPA?

Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (often referred to as FERPA, or the Buckley Amendment), students who have matriculated have the right to inspect and review most education records maintained about them by the University of Louisville, and, in many cases, decide whether or not a third party may obtain information from them. Directory information is considered public unless a student asks that some or all of that information be withheld. No one will have access to a student's education records, nor will their contents be disclosed, without the written consent of the student, except as provided by the Act.

What are the University's obligations?

FERPA obliges the University of Louisville to inform students of their rights and to establish policies and procedures through which their rights can be exercised. The University complies fully and fairly with the provisions of FERPA and with its statements on policy and procedures (45 Code of Federal Regulations sec. 99.5). Where necessary, the University has taken the provisions of KRS 164.283 and KRS 61.870-61.884 into account in formulating the student records policy.

The University Archives and Records Center administers the university's student records policy. Copies of the Act and the University policy and procedures statements and other types of assistance can be obtained from the University Archives. Revisions and clarifications of the University's policy and procedures will be published as updates occur.

What does this mean for advisors?

You are expected to discuss the student's academic progress and plan with the student. You are not, however, allowed to discuss this information with the student's parent or other relative without the express consent of the student. You should be conscious of the data you may intentionally or unintentionally make available as it relates to the legal rights and privacy of students' information.

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