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Academic Advisor Handbook


Students depend on advisors to not only deliver accurate information, but to support and assist them in making sense of the demands, expectations, and complexities of the university. One of the reasons that students fail is due to discrepancies between the student's goals and expectations and that of the institution. The role of the advisor  is to find ways to articulate what the institution expects of the student and how the student's goals can fit within the institutional context.

The advising handbook has been developed around the concept of student learning and is designed to provide professional and faculty advisors with a resource for your daily advising practice and to serve as a quick reference for useful and pertinent information.

The advising handbook is divided into three main sections: conceptual, informational, and relational. There is also a glossary of commonly used terms.


The conceptual section contains information that an advisor must understand. This includes the mission of advising, the relationship between advising and student persistence, and the relationship between advising and teaching, etc.


The informational section contains the nuts and bolts of advising (i.e. what an advisor needs to know to work effectively with students). This includes policies, programs, procedures, and legal issues that impact the advising relationship (FERPA).


The relational section focuses upon the skills that advisors need to possess. This includes referral skills, writing letters of recommendation, how to assist special student populations, and how to help students in academic or emotional distress.


The glossary contains a listing of key words and abbreviations academic advisors use on a daily baisis.

We hope you will find the EAH helpful. The Office of Undergraduate Advising Practice will update the information annually on July 1. If you have any suggestions or comments regarding future updates of the advising handbook or you would like to request a revision, please notify Erin Parker at or Nora Allen at


Last revised May 2009 by Erin Parker and Nora Allen.

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