Why UofL?

We're glad you asked, let us tell you why.

Here's our Top 10 reasons that make the University of Louisville such a great place to continue your education:

  1. Over the past decade, UofL has invested nearly $1.6 billion in new development on campus and throughout the community.
  2. We have always been known for our innovative ways. In 2014, PolicyMic.com named Louisville one of the Top 10 Creative Cities for 20-Somethings.
  3. We've moved. July 2014 began our inaugural year in the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC). Our athletics have continued on an upward trajectory; in 2013-14 the Cardinals had the most wins in the NCAA among ten sports.
  4. Named one of America's Breakout Cities for 2014 by CNNMoney, and one of National Geographic Traveler's "Best of the World Destinations" in 2014, Louisville offers the ideal balance of bustling metropolis and close-knit community.
  5. Because the city of Louisville and UofL are so closely lined, students have unique access to the state's largest concentration of economic activity. Our co-op and internship programs are extremely active to help students find their career path and gain "real world" experience.
  6. The City of Louisville is unique in the fact that you get the big-city feel in a small town environment.
  7. 34% of the degrees conferred during the spring 2014 commencement were earned by transfer students.
  8. With a 75% retention rate among transfer students from year one to year two, our transfer students are right on par with our freshmen students.
  9. UofL is the most diverse universityin the state of Kentucky.
  10. As the Nation's 4th fastest growing research university, we are confident that UofL is the place to begin your path to bettering the world for generations to come.