Veterans Educational Benefits Enrollment Form

**DO NOT FILL OUT THIS FORM UNTIL YOU HAVE REGISTERED FOR YOUR COURSES** (Wait listed courses cannot be certified) Forms are processed in the order that they are received. All classes listed for benefits must be required in: university studies, major program, or free electives as prescribed in the University of Louisville catalog. Classes must always reduce hours required to complete the degree goal. Courses taken in an audit status or other non-credit form cannot be certified. This form must be filled out and processed for all terms for which payment of benefits are requested, prior to the tuition due date. You will need to provide an academic advising plan and the Certificate of Eligibility to the Office of Military and Veteran Student Services before your enrollment can be certified to the VA.
Currently on active duty?  

Term  Below, designate term/year and credit hours for which you have already registered. If you are registered for more than on e-term, please make a separate submissions for each semester for which you have already registered (e.g. Spring/Summer)

Are you graduating this semester?