Frequently Asked Questions


1) How do I determine which GI Bill benefits are best for me?

The VA has a new feature called the G I Bill Comparison Tool.   The comparison tool is designed to help veterans and active duty members choose which education benefit will be the best to use while attending college. If there are special circumstances pertaining to your situation, it would probably be best to contact the VA through their GI Bill Hotline at 1-888-GIBILL-1 (1-888-442-4551) and speak to a VA .


PLEASE NOTE:  Electing the Post 9/11 G I Bill is irreversible!!!

2) How do I apply for GI Bill benefits?

You can apply for the GI Bill on the VA website here. Remember, it can take 6-8 weeks to fully process your application.

You will need to apply for your benefits no later than the provided date to allow for plenty of time to process your application for benefits.  However, applying by this date does not guarantee that your application will be processed before the semester begins.


July 1st


November 1st


March 1st



3) ) Is it possible to separate from Active Duty early to attend school?
Your specific military branch may have an “Early-Out” program where you may separate from Active Duty up to 90 days early to attend college.  The process, requirements and eligibility vary between the different military branches, contact your base Education Center for more details.


4) Can I use National Guard or Reserve Tuition Assistance in conjunction with GI Bill benefits?
As of September 30, 2014, National Guard reservists can no longer use federal tuition assistance (GoArmyEd) in conjunction with Chapter 1606 and Chapter 1607 REAP G I Bill Benefits.

Kentucky National Guard (KYNG) members can still use the state sponsored tuition assistance and their G I Bill benefits at the same time.



Eligible reservists can use:

Kentucky National Guard

Federal Tuition Assistance ie: GoArmyEd

Chapter 30 Montgomery G I Bill

Post 9/11 G I Bill


Reservists cannot use more than one tuition specific benefit to pay for the same course(s).   Reservists using other tuition specific benefits that are eligible for the Post 9/11G I Bill can request that fees not covered by KYNG and GoArmyEd, to be covered by the Post 9/11 G I Bill.


Contact your Unit Education Officer for further assistance.


5) How much credit will I get for my military experience?

Generally, U of L will grant 4 - 8 hours for completion of basic training, as well as additional hours may be awarded depending on your specific military training.  Depending on what degree program you choose, those credits may or may not count towards your specific degree plan.


6) How do I determine if I will pay tuition at the resident or non-resident rate?
Active Duty service members and eligible reservists using Title X tuition assistance are eligible for the $250.00 per credit hour rate.  Active duty service members must email a copy of their current active duty orders to Enrollment Management, to the Residency Tuition account at The $250.00 per credit hour rate is for all undergraduate and select graduate programs.  This rate does not apply to professional or fixed rate programs.


7) Can I transfer my GI Bill benefits to my spouse or child?
The Post 9/11 GI Bill can be transferred to a spouse or child(ren).  The Transfer of Entitlement can only be completed for dependents/spouses that are currently enrolled in DEERS.  The Department of Defense determines eligibility for spouses and dependents.  Visit for more information.


8) I’ve been using my GI Bill benefits at another school, but I am transferring to the University of Louisville.  How do I transfer my benefits?
If you are the veteran, you will need to submit a Change of Place of Training Form 22-1995 in eBenefits.  If you are a dependent/spouse, you will need to submit a Change of Place of Training Form 22-5495 via the VONAPP link


9) I am interested in attending University of Louisville, but have never taken the ACT or SAT. What are my options to fulfill the admissions requirement?
The ACT or SAT score helps to determine a student’s academic preparedness. Test dates and locations for the ACT or SAT may be found on their respective websites. The ACT Residual is offered exclusively for admission and placement purposes here at the University of Louisville.  The results of your test can be accessed (almost) immediately.  For further information about the ACT Residual, visit the University of Louisville Testing Services


10) Where can I get help deciding a major if I am undecided?
The Career Development Center can assist with choosing a major.  Scheduling  an appointment with a Career Advisor is your first step in finding a major.  During this appointment, you will be administered several assessments that will generate a list of career fields and majors based on your skills and interests.