Fresh Start Application

Fresh Start is for students who have deficiencies in their academic record. Using the Fresh Start option, students who have previously attended University of Louisville may request the university to reset their previous cumulative grade point average and hours earned. To qualify for Fresh Start you:

  • must have previously attended UofL as an undergraduate student and be returning as an undergraduate student
  • must not have attended UofL or any college or university in the last two years
  • must not have earned a bachelor’s degree
  • must meet with an advisor in your academic unit prior to submitting the Fresh Start application
  • must also submit an application for re-admission at

For additional details on the Fresh Start policy see

Please complete the Fresh Start application only if you meet all the criteria above.


Are you re-enrolling after an absence of two or more consecutive years without enrollment in higher education?

Please include insight into your academic and professional goals, and why you have a previous academic record that is less than stellar and how you plan to apply yourself upon return.