General Information and Deadlines


Students enrolling in dual credit courses with UofL in English must meet minimum standards for acceptance as a UofL high school visiting scholar. They are:

Grade Point Average 3.0
ACT 20
SAT 480
(Reading and/or written expression sub-score)

Students enrolling in dual credit courses with UofL mathematics must meet the minimum standards as follows:


Pre-Calculus: GPA 3.0College Algebra: GPA 3.0

ACT 23
SAT 550

ACT 20
SAT 480

(Mathematics sub-score)(Mathematics sub-score)

Other Dual Credit Courses
Students taking other dual credit courses should meet minimum grades of eligibility. U of L reserves the right to change or add student eligibility requirements based on the rigors of the course being offered.


Exceptions to minimum grading standards must be approved by the Executive Director of the U of L Office of Admissions; English and Math exceptions to grading standards as well as exceptions class type must be approved by the department chairs; other subject area exceptions must have the support of the University as well as the subject area chair.

Grades & policies

Students who enroll in the dual credit program must be fully prepared for the challenges of taking a college level course. Students will receive grades for dual credit based on the University of Louisville grading scale. Teachers communicate this grading scale to students, parents, and the school community on a regular basis. Under FERPA privacy rules, the instructor cannot communicate student progress with parents. Only the student can access his or her grades.  The final grades become a part of the student’s permanent college record.

Student costs & responsibilities

All students will pay a non-refundable, one-time $50 application fee. Checks should be payable to the University of Louisville. Once a student pays this application fee, he/she does not have to pay it again in order to take additional courses or apply to the university as an incoming college student. In addition, participation in dual credit classes does not guarantee student acceptance to the university.


Students will be responsible for 1/3 tuition cost.


Additional costs may include textbooks and related supplies. The application and course fees will be waived for students on free and reduced lunch. University scholarships and other waivers will be provided for students who do not qualify for free and reduced lunch on a case-by-case basis.


Within two to three weeks after admission from the University, you will then be billed for your course.  Tuition and fees are due on, or before, the designated due date for the semester. Payment may be made by cash, check, money order, charge card (MasterCard, Visa, or Discover), e-check, or financial aid credit. Payments may be made by mail, by use of the deposit box located in the front entrance of the Houchens Building, or at the Office of the Bursar.  Failure to fully settle financial obligations may result in financial penalties.


Visit the Bursar's Office website to pay your fees.


Tuition remission

A tuition remission form must be completed on-line by the student’s parent and submitted to the UofL Bursar’s office for students who have a parent(s) on staff or faculty at UofL. Forms are now available on-line through ULink > Faculty/Staff Services > Human Resources > Tuition Remission

Please note:  Please do not complete the Tuition Remission on-line form until the student has been registered for classes. The instructor will alert you when registration is confirmed. A deadline to respond back with any changes will also be included. Student registration status may be checked through ULink after receiving your UofL student ID.

Withdrawal from Course:

If after attending the class, the student decides they wish to change or drop the class, the student needs to:

  1. Go to their high school counselor and let them know,
  2. Alert their instructor
  3. Complete class withdrawal form (obtain from U of L representative), and
  4. Either e-mail the request to change or drop a course to Jeanne Guerrero at or mail a written request to:

Jeanne Guerrero, Director

University of Louisville

Houchens, Room #150

Louisville, KY 40292

(502) 852-8110

What happens if a student fails to do the above?  The instructor will give the student a grade based on their class records or the grade will revert to an “F” without proper withdrawal from the class. Withdrawal dates:

Semester Courses
Fall Semester CoursesNovember 21
Spring Semester CoursesApril 21
Year-long CoursesFebruary 21

Trimester Courses
First to Second Trimester CoursesNovember 13
Second to Third Trimester CoursesMarch 4

*  Trimester courses must be contiguous courses and will not be held after a summer break.



Students will receive grades for dual credit based on the University of Louisville grading scale. Teachers will communicate this grading scale to students, parents, and the school community on a frequent, routine basis. The grading scale should appear in the course syllabus and be posted in the classroom.